About Coin Crash

My name is Ben Morrison. I live in Austin, TX and make games for fun.

I've got a new game called Coin Crash. It's a free, arcade-style iPhone and iPad game. The idea is simple: count coins that are piling up before they reach the top of the screen. Sort of like Tetris with money.

You can tap to break coins into smaller change, and blast coins with bombs to keep them at bay. Each level gets faster, and if you last long enough, you'll meet “genius coins” (coins with a random number of cents on it — like 37¢!)

It's simple enough for kids (my 7-year-old loves it!), but it's perfect for adults: challenging and full of nostalgia, with tons of trophies to earn, and 5 leaderboards to conquer!

Give it a try! And let me know what you think on Twitter at @bmovement!